Bonus information

  • Category Bonus for traders
  • Bonus amount $123
  • Bonus trading period 7 days
  • Your profit Unlimited
  • Promotion period Unlimited
  • Conditions No verification and contact details required

To start trading with FBS is as simple as to count to one-two-three!

  • $123 will be waiting on your balance when you open a special bonus account
  • Trade for 7 days. In 7 calendar days, account balance is zeroed, bonus is cancelled, profit is recorded in the “Bonus $123” section of your Personal area
  • The account type is changed to Unlimited.
  • On the first day of each month, you will be able to withdraw as much profit received on the bonus funds as many lots you have traded within the previous month x3
  • For instance, 50 lots mean 150$ of profit available for withdrawal

Which lots are considered for calculation?

  • Traded on the bonus account after the bonus cancellation
  • Traded on all other accounts of yours (except for Demo) since the bonus account opening

Check out the full list of terms and conditions in the personal area



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