FBS Grand Event Bangkok

The event took place at one of the most beautiful hotels, Pullman Bangkok Grande Sukhumvit.

The show has started right in the lobby, where the professional animators and beautiful hostess girls were entertaining the gathering guests. The place has become crowdy in a matter of minutes, which is not surprising because the event was fully booked. FBS top management has especially arrived to this event to say very big thank you to Thai traders and partners for choosing FBS as a broker. Everybody was friendly and excited to see what FBS has prepared to surprise their clients. It is worth mentioning that all the guests were very different – men and women of any age and income but all united by their favorite work – trading with FBS. They were communicating, networking and making photos with great pleasure, like one big FBS family. Already gorgeous hall of Pullman Bangkok Grande Sukhumvit was excellently decorated, completing the atmosphere of the evening.

The company presentation and top management speeches were effectually mixed with music and dance performances so the time has passed even too quickly. From the guests’ words, beautiful Traditional dance and Thousand Hands of Buddha performance was really magnificent. The show of the night that had everyone on the tips of their seat is Kratae - Kratai Rsiam! Not only are they beautiful singers, but fantastic dancers and comedians! And of course, the most touching moment of the event was the prize drawing. FBS has prepared a lot of luxury prizes for the guests and the luckiest of them left the party with new iPhones, iPads and even MacBook Pro and iMac! It was really enjoyable to watch the winners’ happy faces and to hear their words of gratitude.

One more time we want to thank our dear traders and partners for such an awesome evening, that could not happen without your support!

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