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What is FBS partner program?

The current FBS partner program was announced on September 1, 2014 and has been awarded as the "Best partnership program on Forex 2014", according to Masterforex-V portal. FBS partnership program is a possibility to get guaranteed profit without any risks, attracting new clients to trade at FBS. Forex broker profit is formed by spreads that a client is charged for opening and closing orders. A broker's partner (IB) gets reward from the part of the spread charged for the attracted client's trading. • the goal of the partner is to attract clients to trade at FBS brokerage company. • clients open real accounts of any type, fund them for any amount and start trading. • the partner gets reward for each order executed by his/her attracted client on a daily basis, according to the conditions of partner commission payments. • after commission is credited to the partner account balance, the partner can withdraw it instantly using any of the payment systems available.

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